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My Primary Category (To quote Popeye: "I yam what I yam!")

Nobody can be all things to all people.  Although I consider myself to be well versed in many genres, my strongest hand is in Light Jazz, Classic Rock and Blues.  Bear in mind, the variety is there (See my song list sampler).


What You Get (I am not perfect, but some parts of me are very, very, good!)

I perform as a Single, with pre-recorded tracks of my own creation, performed pretty faithfully to their original form.  Think of this, perhaps, as having a band in a box. You know...Great taste, less filling.  Less floor space, and less babysitting and better control over volume issues and repertoire.  Oh yeah...and considerably better on your budget.  AND…If you like, Music is continuous – I will play recorded music between my sets.

** You can also have me, though, as a Soloist (Guitar and Vocals, only) for those more quiet and intimate settings, or...with any ensemble size you prefer:  duo, trio, quartet -- whatever it takes. 

My promise:  You will ALWAYS -- ALWAYS, get quality, cohesive entertainment...

never a thrown-together glorified jam session.



Have Gun, Will Travel ("You just call out me name, and you know wherever I am…”)

I am based in SouthWest Florida however, I am ready, willing and able to go wherever the calling takes me.


How Much is That Doggie in The Window? (Can we tawk??)

Depending on the venue and overall conditions of a given job,   every situation has its let's tawk. 

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